Friday, December 18, 2009

Marching On

Now that I have kids, my days blend together so much that it's hard to remember what month it is. My first guess, based on the weather or the last time I tried to remember the month, could just as easily be February as November, or September instead of December.

So when an editor asked last week if I'd write an article for a March publication, I said "yes." After all, March is months away, isn't it? Not so many months away anymore, actually. Especially when the deadline for the article turns out to be in January!

I'd better get writing.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Just found out that a local parenting magazine is interested in four of my article queries for next year (two of which got lost in email, lucky I sent a reminder!) The first one, about summer learning, is due Jan 4.

Have you ever tried contacting bookstores in December to ask about their summer reading programs? It's an adventure.

A Writing Mommy

Steps to writing:

--Sat down to work on designing my Christmas cards, when my four-year-old son asked if he could use the computer.
--Said "yes."
--Realized I should go put wet laundry in the dryer.
--Was followed downstairs by children. Remembered that as a responsible mother I should not allow privileges until we'd done some chores. Asked children to help sort laundry.
--Six-year-old daughter asked if she could vacuum the stairs instead. Ran to get the vacuum.
--Daughter warned me the baby needed a diaper change. Boy, did she ever! Ran to the bathroom for emergency derobing and bath.
--Scrubbed floor, scrubbed clothes in sink, scrubbed sink, scrubbed baby in bath, dried baby, dressed baby, scrubbed bath.
--Finished sorting laundry myself while daughter vacuumed and son did "Science club with Legos!" (as initiated by my six-year-old).
--Returned to the computer. Now what was I doing again?