A Day of Adventures and Writing Inspiration

Adventure #1: Cutting Alex's hair in the bathtub to reduce mess.
Result: bad idea--wet hair is 10 times harder to clean up than dry hair. Will not recommend in a parenting article.

Adventure #2: Crawling around the attic on my knees and elbows photographing the damage caused by the installation of our brand new roof.
Result: found new confidence and a new leak at the same time. All sorts of homeowner article ideas springing to mind.

Adventure #3: Researching an upcoming article by feeding bread crusts to kangaroos at the Outback Christmas Tree and Kangaroo Farm.
Result: We fed lemurs, petted kangaroos, and cuddled a kangaroo joey (baby). Fun place, even in the rain. Anticipate an easy writeup.


  1. We tried cutting a sleeping child's hair....not a good idea. Then we tried connecting the vacuum to the comb..also not a workable idea.

  2. Mom used to cut kids' hair when they were asleep, but I haven't tried it yet. I did try cutting my toddler's hair while she wandered around with a little broom sweeping; cutting on-the-go doesn't work so great either (the haircut came out pretty short).