And the Best News Yet

I was offered representation by Myrsini Stephanides, an agent from the Carol Mann Agency. She'll help me pitch Candy Experiments to various book publishers.

As I'm always grateful for expert guidance (except, for some reason, when it comes from my husband) I'm excited for this partnership. Can't wait to see where it takes us!

More Good News

A family magazine in Miami contacted me to request a reprint of a candy experiments article. Not having a reprint to sell her, I sent her a new article. Candy experiments just keep spreading!

Good news!

Lots of good news this week.
--Mothering Magazine's electronic issue came out last week, with my article on our family's discovery of candy experiments. The print issue should hit newstands soon.
--My article on Candy Experiments is in the October Highlights that just arrived in our mailbox. Since I wasn't expecting it until November, this was a pleasant surprise.


Anxiety about the clutter building up in my house motivated me to clean out my writing files tonight. Even as I tossed materials from old articles--zoo guides, Cove Fort maps, and Dungeness Spit brochures--the memories made me smile. Some treasures I couldn't bear to throw out my handwritten interview notes from man who lived in a train car for twenty years while he resurrected the Lake Whatcom railway. He reminded me that I might be able to use the train material in a different article--everybody loves trains. I also stumbled on files I had completely forgotten, like the article about St. Cuthbert that never got published, which could be rewritten and submitted, or drafted stories about trapped ducklings and badminton and Thanksgiving turkeys that just need a little tweaking.

Who knew you could get inspiration going through your own material?

Fixing Web Typos

I just proofread a website for a national organization that had several misspelled words. Since proofreading is such an important part of making a website look professional, here's a tip. Copy and paste your web text into a program with a spell-checker, such as Microsoft Word. Those red-underlined misspelled words will jump right out at you. Fix them in your web document, or save your Word document as a text file and paste the corrected text back in. (Never paste directly from Word to the Web, as you might end up with all sorts of funky characters.)