Surprises in the Mail

As a writer, I've always raced out to check the mail as soon as the mailman comes. Is there an acceptance letter? A contract? A rejection letter for a story I need to send to somebody else right away? Good news for writers comes in the mail.

Or at least it used to. While I still check the mail devotedly, I've started to realize there's less good writer mail for me these days. In part, this is because I haven't sent out much short material lately, since I've been concentrating on candy experiments. Less submissions, less acceptances. I don't think I even have any submissions out right now. Also, much of the good news is coming over email.

So I was doubly surprised by two pieces of mail this week. One was a contract from Highlights for an article they emailed me about a year and a half ago. Even after two revisions and several exchanges regarding photos, I wasn't sure they'd accepted it. So that was good news.

The other surprise was an issue of the Dollar Stretcher with an article I'd written about saving money on holiday cards. (I'm third-generation do-them-yourself.) But wait, I thought, as I turned the magazine over in my hands--wasn't this one published already?

Actually, it was. At least online, the article is recorded as having been published last November. Did it make it into print then? Is this a reprint? I don't even remember. But I certainly wasn't expecting it.

Two writing surprises, out of the blue. I always love good news, and these little tidbits help while I'm waiting for bigger news. We'll see if they're a forerunner of more good news to come.

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