Friday, May 25, 2012

Organize and Save!

This article took way longer to finish than it did to get accepted. I was kicking around the idea for months, keeping it at the bottom of my priority list, but when I finally turned it in the editor got back to me within days. That's one reason I like to write articles--the good news comes far more frequently than with book projects. See ways that organizing can save you money at the Dollar Stretcher online.

ParentMap article on fairness in babies

This was the first article I've written by request--I must have sent so many queries to ParentMap that they decided I had time on my hands and asked me to write an article about recent research on babies' sense of fairness. Interesting material, especially the point that children might have a sense of fairness in portion size for other people even if they aren't yet ready to share their own things fairly. Read "Do Babies Really Show a Sense of Fairness?" at

The Cover

I've seen the cover for the Candy Experiments book, and it's awesome! So colorful, with so much candy floating around the page, I'm sure people will be grabbing it up just to see what it's all about. I love working with a publisher that has people who can design stuff like this--if the cover were up to me I would have no idea what to put on it.