What I've Heard Back

Moms, teachers, and community planners love candy experiments. Here's what people have emailed to www.candyexperiments.com:

--"Your site is SOOOOO cool! I read about it in Family Fun and couldn’t wait to check it out for my six-year-old. Now I can’t wait for Halloween and the ability to get rid of all that candy in an educational way. Y’all rock!"

--"I just wanted to let you know when I read your article in my Family Fun magazine, I instantly ripped it out to give to my best friend. Her 5 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. The website you created is full of great ideas for all kids and especially for those who can't eat candy, like kids with JD. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tradition and know that it will be new tradition for my family and many others."

--"I am a Special Education teacher. My current students are ages 12 - 17, but function at approximately the first grade level. Finding science experiments that are age appropriate while engaging has always been difficult. I your experiments in a magazine and wanted to say thank you for sharing them. I have done a few of them with my students and they love them, They are learning, making predictions and suggesting changes and other variations of the projects you suggested.
Thank you again."

--"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I recently read about your Halloween candy experiments in Family Fun. Since last Halloween, we have drastically changed our eating habits to be very much whole foods, with very little added anything.
This, of course, poses a problem with Halloween traditions and the candy we collect at Fall Festival parades.

I thought, "What a great idea!" when I read about your experiments...then I showed it to my 4 and 5 year olds. They are so excited to experiment with candy. They want have a candy experimenting party and invite other kids. My five year old tells everyone what his plans are with the candy we collect. They don't seem to be upset about not eating all of it.

Thank you for helping us eat healthier!"

In the interests of candy science, my kids and I continue to experiment. We're looking forward to collecting new test material come Halloween.

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  1. We did a few of your basic experiments this afternoon with 3 of my 4 kids and it was great. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas! Here are some pictures of our adventure this afternoon if you care to look. We have plans to delve deeper into this fun stuff soon.