A Writing Mommy

Steps to writing:

--Sat down to work on designing my Christmas cards, when my four-year-old son asked if he could use the computer.
--Said "yes."
--Realized I should go put wet laundry in the dryer.
--Was followed downstairs by children. Remembered that as a responsible mother I should not allow privileges until we'd done some chores. Asked children to help sort laundry.
--Six-year-old daughter asked if she could vacuum the stairs instead. Ran to get the vacuum.
--Daughter warned me the baby needed a diaper change. Boy, did she ever! Ran to the bathroom for emergency derobing and bath.
--Scrubbed floor, scrubbed clothes in sink, scrubbed sink, scrubbed baby in bath, dried baby, dressed baby, scrubbed bath.
--Finished sorting laundry myself while daughter vacuumed and son did "Science club with Legos!" (as initiated by my six-year-old).
--Returned to the computer. Now what was I doing again?

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