Google Docs

A fan of Microsoft Word for over a decade, I balked when my husband suggested I try Google Docs. I can make Word turn somersaults for me; Google Documents don't have the same functionality (at least not that I've discovered yet.) But after trying to keep track of fifty versions of documents that I had to transfer back and forth between my desk computer and my laptop, I realized there had to be a better way. So I've given Google Documents a try, writing my file online, and accessing it from whatever computer I want. Heaven! I might be hooked.


  1. I recently switched to Open Office for most of my word processing, but I do use Google Docs on a daily basis--for indexing blogs, for anything that requires hypertext or anything I want to share online, for text-based websites. I like it okay. I haven't been brave enough to switch my novel there...I can't quite wrap my mind around navigating 100,000 word documents with no visible page breaks.

  2. I would like a print preview setting, for sure. I haven't tried putting my novel online, and don't know if I want to. But being able to work on my articles and work on them from any computer that has internet access has been great.