It's A Book Deal!

When your deal appears in Publisher's Marketplace, you know it's official:

"Loralee Leavitt's CANDY EXPERIMENTS, a collection of simple, hands-on experiments that use store-bought candy to teach kids basic science, to Patty Rice at Andrews McMeel, by Myrsini Stephanides at the Carol Mann Agency (World)."

Look for Candy Experiments on a bookshelf near you next summer, if all goes well.  (Which means I really have to get cracking on this manuscript!)


  1. Wooooohoooooo!!!!!

    You're a total rock star. Nice work! Can't wait to get the book.


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  3. Thanks! I probably owe a great deal to my college chemistry-major friends--remember all those experiments on cafeteria food?

  4. My most vivid food experiment memory was actually a biology study where Colin and Aaron had a water chugging contest. Then there was the Nog chugging contest. I think there was a contest with root beer as well. Given the non-alcoholic environment, it seems there was a surprising amount of beverage chugging in the offing...